Episode 9 - Heads Will Roll

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  • Song Name: Episode 9 - Heads Will Roll
  • Artist: Abbey and Sarah

Abbey and Sarah bring you a massive episode to discuss the two part episode finale! Spoiler: We loved it!

We recap the episode person by person discussing what we saw with them in the two episodes, how we think their character has developed and where we see them going in the next season.

Then we go on to hate on what the writers have done (or not done) with Katrina's character throughout the season. We also discuss Ichabod and his self fulfilling prophecy that he would deliver Abbie to Moloch. Ichabod... we're not happy with you! We also get a shocking reveal about one of the characters whom we've grown to love! Did you see the Jeremy thing coming?

With the season ending the way it did, we go on to give some tentative predictions as to what season 2 will offer us!