Episode 13 - Ship All The Ships

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  • Artist: Abbey and Sarah

Abbey and Sarah are here this week to talk through episode 202 with you “Kindered”

- Katrina finally had a plot and a purpose. EXCELLENT.

- We get a new and friendly monster the ‘Kindered’.

- Frank is back, but not in good shape. We discuss how we absolutely love the small details that add such a realistic touch to this show.

- Reyes. Proving yet again that Sleepy Hollow casting directors and writers know how to diversify a cast.

- Jenny’s in trouble but hopefully not for too long. Two main characters locked up would be far too boring.

- We talk about Tom’s wonderful comedic talent and how he is by far the funniest character on the show.

- Is Katrina acting? Not acting? A bit of both? We just don’t know!

- What about that cliff hanger eh?