Episode 15 - The Plot Hole In The Library

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Another week, another episode! Stay tuned for an exciting anouncement at the end!

First off Sarah teaches Abbey what an English school Mid-term.

We deal with a little twitter feedback from episode 4.

In our episode 5 recap we talk about:
- We love Caroline, and really don't like how things turned out for her.
- Neither of us like Hawley. Nothing has changed here. (Not Holly as previously thought by Sarah)
- Our burning question of the week is how Abbie explained to the paramedics how she nearly drowned in a library?
- Katrina's sins revealed. How much should Ichabod put up with.
- What are Moloch's plans for Katrina?
- Does our rift between the shows great two loves open up the door for a thing between Abraham and Katrina?
- We still don't like Hawley, but we LOVE how Jenny treats him. You do your thing girl.

- We have a very exciting announcement, we're looking for some GUEST HOSTS!