Episode 17 - Table Flipping Good

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  • Artist: Abbey and Sarah

Abbey and Sarah are back again, discussing episode 208 of Sleepy Hollow, joined by special guest Jocelyn!


Jocelyn introduces herself and talks about how she got into Sleepy Hollow.
Ain’t nobody got time for sitting around and watching bad TV, there’s a world to save Cranes!
Ichabod needs a job so he can stop being a parasite on Abbie!
We chat about Succubus’s and how it’s strange that the show can show children’s bones being ground up, and a violent demon labour, yet have to tone down the lore of Succubus from sex to just kissing?
Sarah throws a huge spanner into the works regarding Hawley and the Succubus and we groan about triangles for a long time.
Ichabod has issues and one of those issues is he needs to get his head in the game. STAT.
Now that Selfie has been cancelled, will John Cho return to Sleepy Hollow?
The show struggled with 13 episode in the last season, who on earth okayed the order of 18? The chain of command on this show has some serious explaining to do.