Episode 3 - The Unofficial 181st Poster

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Abbey recaps on her experience at New York Comic Con. But on a down note, we have to wait 3 weeks until the next episode!

Then we get into some serious meat on discussing episode and what we thought! Katrina is back (briefly) and we get our first Ichabod and Katrina kiss! (Spoiler: we weren't impressed). We talk about the theme of faith that was running through the episode and our opinions on their tentative nod towards religion/spirituality. Luke finally gets a purpose, and we see Ichabod getting more and more frustrated with 21st century life. We've seen two horsemen this season already, will we see the other two? Also, we touch on the possibility of a horsewoman and how well Sleepy Hollow treats stereotypes (i.e. doesn't adhere to them at all!)

Stick around to the end because we have some EXCITING news about the podcast and our listeners! (Hint: the title of this episode is a clue!)

We finish off by talking about the jam packed Promo for episode 6!