Episode 4 - Spontaneously Disappearing Panties

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  • Song Name: Episode 4 - Spontaneously Disappearing Panties
  • Artist: Abbey and Sarah

We discuss the recently aired episode 6 - Sin Eater

Abby and Sarah discuss as always some news from the fandom, and news in general. Like more hiatus. Fox. What gives?

We break down the episode in detail talking about the involvement of the Masons and what we think this means for the future. We also talk about Ichabods 'sin' (hint: it was stupid) and Katrina's badassery. We get into the meaning symbolism behind the Sin Eater and discover Sleepy Hollows first continuity goof. As well as a whole lot of other things!

Then we go a bit crazy and start talking about which of the characters on the show make our underwear spontaneously disappear.

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